Welcome to our Web site. First, I would like to tell you about RJTent. This name stands for R.J. Turner Enterprises, and was formed to launch my second career. I, Richard J. Turner, III, M.D. practiced surgery for 44 years; 10 in the Air Force and 35 years in private practice. I decided to stop operating on November 1, 1999, my birthday, and start a second career built around interests which I had developed during my surgical career. Some of these were hobbies and others were obtained through my experience in the field of Medical Administration, in which I was involved in addition to my surgical practice. Partner site: JeanMann.

Dr. Turner's Webletter

Pages on this Web site will change periodically. I am going to report articles that are oriented towards Preventive Medicine, summarizing them in non-medical language. These articles will be strictly laymen-oriented. At the end of each article, I will make an Editorial Comment about the value and appropriateness of the information presented. In addition, I will publish answers to Preventive Medicine related questions that are sent to me using our contact form if I think that other people will benefit from the question and answer. I am not going to practice medicine on the Internet, so please make the questions non-personal. If your question is not answered on this site, then I will reply by email or postcard.

Thank you,
Dr. Richard J. Turner, III, M.D.